iPhone SMS database hacked in only 20 seconds


While you wait for the shiver down your spine to dissipate, yes, it is true the. iPhone SMS database was hacked in only 20 seconds.

A users entire SMS database which even included DELETED SMS messages was hacked in only 20 seconds without any user input. But the good news it’s part of a competition. Vincenzon Iozzo and Ralf-Philip Weinmann are security researchers performing for the 2010 Pwn2Own contest, the prize it seems is 15,000USD.

Weinmann and Iozzo won the 15,000USD cash prize and got the keep the hijacked iPhone.

Additionally the results will go directly to apple who will hopefully look at making the iPhone SMS database more secure. This also highlights for us the issue of being careful what websites we open. The iPhone like any OS needs to be kept as secure as possible from the user point of view.


John Ryan

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