iPhone OS 4.0 – Multitasking and iBooks – Oh my!

iPhone OS 4.0
iPhone OS 4.0 (Image from Engadget)

As you may have noticed from our Twitter, we were following the iPhone 4.0 preview event through various sites. Apple announced seven, yes seven main items in the new iPhone OS. Lets have a quick look!

Yes. It happened, everyone cried the iPhone had no multitasking we were used to it in all our other devices, but largely it was missing from the iPhone,  apart for some native iPhone applications. So what does this mean? Multitasking will allow you to get a skype call while playing a game or surfing the net for example. Apple has apparently adopted multitasking in  a way that will not damage battery or performance. Multitasking will only work with 3Gs and latest iPod Touch. It will also becoming later to the iPad.


iPhones have pages and pages of apps, and you might hurt your poor finger swiping through apps looking for a particular app.Open the door and let “folders” in out of the cold! You can create folders for apps and organise them by type, for example you can pop your games in a folder, open that folder and presto there are all your game apps.

No surprise here really, iBooks will be coming to the iPhone, think  iBooks on the iPad but smaller, nice to have really!

Other updates include iAd: Apple has this built into the new OS, which will allow developers to insert media rich adverts into their apps, and the  end user will not have to leave the application if the ad is clicked on. Mail has been improved and now will include a way to look at all your inboxes at once.

John Ryan

4 Responses

  1. Looking forward to the multitasking myself as well as ibooks which is more suited to the ipad imo.


  2. I love my iphone 3g, not quite prepared for the version 4, would like to see it tested by others first.

  3. I really like that fact that the new iOS 4.0 will enable multitasking such as listening to music while texting a friend. But I wish they would have done it earlier.

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