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In my usual style of listing the greats, here is a small list of great iPhone applications, I have slanted this a bit to include Irish applications, listing is not my preference just the way I did the list.

Eirtext Pro EirText Pro

    Looking to send FREE SMS messages? Using the data connection and your allocation of free webtext messages you can send FREE text messages from your iPhone using this incredible application.  I have this app in my iPhone dock ( the four icons on the bottom of the screen) because I use it so frequently!

    I’m with O2 so I get 250 free text messages a month, that is nothing to be sneezed at.

    The interface is simple, easy to use, and elegant. This app had some serious thought process involved in it’s development. There is support for Meteor, Three, Vodafone, O2 and other SMS systems including O2 UK.

    You can save your text history, optional settings include: auto CC, vibration and rotation. A new feature which I find incredibly useful is “info while typing”. This displays the number of characters you have used,  number of messages this SMS has used,  and your remaining monthly allowance!

    If you are interested in this application, I suggest you download the Pro version, which costs a very small amount of money, less than 3 euro I think, you will save a fortune on SMS messages. It is worth noting that you need a data plan in order to send messages, check with your operator, chances are you have one.


I wrote this post some time ago, since then Facebook has released the latest version of their app, so I’ve done a re-write, so much has changed! With the new version, comes a host of tasty features and a new layout. You could really say that this is, in itself,  a new application. The restrictiveness of the previous app is lifted. The main screen gives you a set of icons, namely:

  • News Feed
  • Profile
  • friends
  • Inbox, Chat, Requests
  • Events, Photos and Notes.

There is also a horizontal bar to alert you to new notifications, you can scroll to a second page, which allows you to bookmark your favourite pages, or profiles. I must say I do miss the bottom buttons which were on the previous version, they made navigation easier! This is not the applications fault but I really miss being able to use  my facebook programs, in addition to the build in ones. Still it keeps you up to date!

Color (colour) SplashColorSplash


I had heard about colour splash before, but I recently upgraded to the latest iPhone which has a much better camera, so I though I would give this one a try. If you like to take pictures with your iPhone, then you will love this one. I plan to use it for editing some great pictures on my next holiday to Asia. Colour splash allows you to convert an image to gray scale, but select part of that image to keep in colour. The usage is simple, using your finger you select what you want  in colour. You can see an image I edited using colour splash above. This is great fun for playing  around with. It would also make some interesting profile pictures for your Twitter, or Facebook account! It’s not  free but it is low priced.

Sky NewsSky News

Sky News has made a pretty great application. You can read the latest news, and watch the videos. With the usual sections, such as business, and showbiz, you can’t go wrong with his application. It is well laid out, easy to use, and as you would expect from Sky News is updated regularly! I myself have not had a simple crash, it seems to be a great useful application. I have not however tested it over 3G, as I have easy access to wifi. So with that in mind, I would imagine it uses a good bit of your iPhone data  allowance, comment below and let me know if you use it on 3G!

TwitterFon TwitterFon
There is a hell of a lot of iPhone applications for Twitter out there. Many of my friends use TwitterFon so I tried it out and continue to use it today. Like the other iPhone apps above this one is easy to use. A screen for your friends timeline, @mentions, DM messages, and a search function. I believe there is also a paid version, in this version there are advertisements, but they are non intrusive. I have not used any other Twitter application so I really cannot compare this to them, however it is simple and does the job. Support for mentions and DM as push messages would be a super addition to this app!

My Bill for O2.ie customers My Bill
This is one for O2 customers. I would award  this Irish iPhone app of the year. The O2 website can sometimes be a little slow. This applications makes it easy to see at a glance  the balance on your account, the un-billed balance, the remaining minutes, messages webtexts and so on. With the recession and all it is nice to keep and eye on your spend!

Have I missed any interesting iPhone apps that you cannot live without? Comment below and let me know what they are, and ask how could I have missed them? If you give your own little review I will update this post.

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John Ryan

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  1. Hi John,
    Can I plug my own app? Ireland’s phone book pro has full white pages lookup, now complete with mapping.

    I think you’ll find it useful.

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