iPhone 5 Mockup by Macrumors
iPhone 5 Mockup by Macrumors

We keep getting asked about the iPhone 5 release date in Ireland, wish we knew. It’s not been announced by Apple yet. We will update this page with the date, however we are opening this post to start the discussion. We are interested to hear what you have heard about the release date, or even to speculate on the device itself!

Update 05/10/2011: The iPhone 4s was announcted. No iPhone 5 this year more info here



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    1. That’s a  drawing commissioned by macrumors, it does look interesting alright Mr. Ginge

    2. That’s a  drawing commissioned by macrumors, it does look interesting alright Mr. Ginge

  1. The iphone 5 may be sold as the iphone 4s in Ireland. Apparently, what they call it depends on the country you’re in. When Vodafone was recently trying to get rid of the iphone 4 models they still had, they were saying the iphone 4s was next in autumn 2011 and the iphone5 wasn’t coming until spring/summer 2012. A simple google search yielded the info above.

    1. Thank’s for the info, Apple will tell all soon. I doubt what it will be called will be country dependant really, but time will tell.

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