iPhone 4’s kryptonite – The antenna – Will it stop you from buying? (poll included)


I watched the iPhone 4 conference in relation to the known issues with iPhone 4 antenna, with some amusement, disbelieve and even a little understanding. Apple are sending out very mixed signals, by saying every smart phone has this issue and yet giving a protective case  as a sort of sorry. Here are a few points I took from the conference.

  • Apple acknowledged that this is an antenna issue BUT
  • But also stated this is not unique to the iPhone 4, and demonstrated it happens to many other smart phones.
  • Apple went as far as to demo this smart phone issue with various phones like the popular Blackberry Bold.
  • Apple will not recall any iPhone 4’s BUT
  • Apple will refund you if you return your undamaged iPhone 4.
  • Apple will give you a free cover.
  • Apple is not perfect.
  • Apple removed the Q&A session from the presentation video!
Death grip?
Death grip?

This is Apple being forced into a response over a “story“.

The problem apparently occurs in mostly low coverage areas, but Apple say they love their customers . They are doing their best to better this situation. You can return your iPhone, take a free cover for the device, and upgrade to the iOS4.01 (GUI fix for correct coverage bar) but will do nothing for actual signal loss. In fairness to Apple, it does seem as though this issue has been blown out of proportion, other phones do have this problem BUT possibly not to the extent that Apple would like you to believe.

iPhone 4's kryptonite
iPhone 4's kryptonite

It does make you wonder about  what kind of testing this phone went through. Apple have sold over 3 million iPhone 4’s so far, and they will go on sale in Ireland at the end of July. Here is what Apple say about the testing process:

Apple Lab
Apple Lab

Apple never releases a product without thoroughly testing it first. To do this, we built our multimillion-dollar antenna design and test labs. These labs feature 17 different antenna characterization chambers (or anechoic chambers) designed to accurately measure antenna and wireless performance.

Will this stop you buying an iPhone 4? We doubt it!

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Apple have a website dedicated to the antenna now located here.

John Ryan

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