iPhone 4 – The round up

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

There is enough of people blogging about this, so we decided to give you the main points, if you are looking for a list instead of an essay on the the iPhone 4, officially now called iPhone 4, you have come the the right place!

  • Facetime: Video calls for the iPhone have arrived! (iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi)
  • Camera: 5-mega pixel, LED flash, 5x digital zoom
  • Mail: More than 1 mailbox, you can follow threads now
  • Retina display: Basically, the screen is so good you cannot make out the pixels with human eyes (does not work with cats eyes)
  • Multitasking: At long last you can have more than one app running at a time
  • Folders: You can organise applications into folders, so you have a nice tidy screen space
  • HD video recording
  • iMove – Make your own movies
  • iBooks for iPhone

I will be blogging my views on iPhone4 over the next few days, but it looks amazing!

John Ryan

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