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iPhone 3Gs initial review

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O2 Ireland recently launched the new iPhone 3Gs (and no… I did not get one), I have to say some of the changes to the hardware and software – version 3.0 – are an exciting step forward for the device.

However, I really was expecting something special this year in terms of device design. But Apple likes to take it slow.

It is no secret that the success of the iPhone is down to excellent touch screen which is unique to the iPhone. However, features that have been on mobile devices for years now are only now happening on the iPhone, and yet it is selling very well indeed. There have been many missing features users expect from their mobile devices. Take for example MMS which has only recently been officially supported on the iPhone.

Recent updates have meant the iPhone is getting closer to having a backpack full of features to keep every geek and business person connected to their virtual lives.

What is new, under the hood? There is of course the much needed better ram, graphics and more, let us boil all that hu-ha down and say the ‘s’ in iPhone3Gs means SPEED, the iPhone 3Gs is a much faster creature. In terms of extra features, below is what has piqued my interest, if I miss anything that has you excited please add your comment, and I will try and keep the list of features updated.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are used by applications to alert you of new information, even when the application isn’t running.

What was requested for a long time on the iPhone was the ability to run applications in the background on the iPhone? For those of us with no idea what this means, allow me to explain, when you close a 3rd party application on the iPhone, it is closed completely, so say for example some sends you an IM message, you will not know about it until you reopen the application again. And while you still cannot run background applications because it would slow down the device (apparently). Apple has invented push notifications for the iPhone which is the next best thing (again apparently).

What this really means is that, for example even if you exit an application you can still receive notifications when you get an update or a message for that application. You can then relaunch that application and view the message. As per the image, the notification can be a small message or a number badge showing the number of updates for the application; it may also be an alert sound to draw your attention to an update.


The new 3-megapixel camera takes great still photos, too, thanks to built-in autofocus and a handy new feature that lets you tap the display to focus on anything (or anyone) you want.

Everyone is excited about this 3-mega-pixel…

If you want to take a great photo then use a camera, but you won’t always have your camera with you when a great shot comes your way, and chances are you will have your iPhone 3Gs clutched in your right hand.

Until now using the iPhone to capture any moment was pretty pointless due to the awful picture it would take. So Apple in their infinite wisdom has tweaked the iPhone to make it an almost useful camera substitute.

The camera on the 3Gs is a 3-mega pixel auto-focus camera. Meaning you can now focus on subjects simply by tapping them on the screen. More interesting than all this is you can now use the camera to take and edit video footage. You can then forward this directly to youtube… not bad really! This will do doubt increase the popularity of this device no end!

Copy & erm.. Paste?

Cut, copy, and paste words and photos, even between applications. Copy and paste images and content from the web, too.

It is interesting that it has taken this long for a simple function like copy and paste to make it to the iPhone, but apparently, it required a lot of time…
For me that is the most interesting element that comes with the new iPhone 3Gs device, but if you would like to discuss the iPhone 3Gs head to this website for a discussion.

For accuracy purposes here are the specs of the device.
iPhone 3Gs Specs

  • Improved performance
  • 3-megapixel autofocus camera
  • Video recording
  • Voice Control
  • Digital compass
  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • MMS
  • Spotlight Search
  • Landscape keyboard
  • Voice Memos

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