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Apple has delivered another impressive product that largely lives up to the hype. Edward C. Baig (USA Today)

Media organisations have been lucky enough to get a first look at the iPad before release. USA Today has a lengthy review and  a nice video from Jefference Graham. So based on their opinion, is the iPad an iFlop or is it going to begin the tablet computer revolution? Lets take a closer look at Jefference Graham’s video review of the iPad!

The Good

Graham has some wonderful good points to make about the iPad, and the good do seem to outweigh the bad , but it is a pretty close race…

  • He calls the iPad an “ultimate multi media device, for tv shows, movies, ebooks, playing games – all without a mouse”. Ultimate… really? We are not so sure about that, but there are a limited number of devices than can do all of the above, but do we really want this on one device? Or are we more than happy to turn on our TV (remember the TV?) to watch shows and movies?
  • I felt a little let down by apple when I watched the iPad presentation video, Graham was the same, but unlike most, he now has his hands on the device, and his view?  He went from the view, “it’s just a giant iPod” to, “it’s hard to not be impressed”!
  • iBooks looks pretty impressive with colour screen, easy touch controls, and to top it all off a full colour screen, beats Amazon Kindle. I’m very excited about iBooks!
  • The design is typical Apple elegance!
  • Games – colours really pop, see video below for demo, which reallly shows off the graphics!

The Bad (and ugly)

  • Graham shares the world’s view, where is flash? Really Apple where? This means we have thousands of websites we cannot access, as they use flash video. But the future is HTML 5 which means we may not need flash, but that is not the here and now, however some websites have moved to support the iPad video (HTML 5?) such as CNN.
  • No flash drive, no USB, how to I manage my media? You have to use iTunes…

The Video


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