iPad multitasking gestures will not be part of iOS 4.3


Those multitasking gestures that were marked as one of the most interesting updates on the way to iOS  will not be available to the public just yet.

The latest deveoper build of iOS 4.3 still has these gestures, but according to MacWorld there was a note included that stated they would not be included when iOS 4.3 is released to the public.

While these new multitasking gestures may spell the end of the home button on the iPad, it makes sense to Apple to keep some of these snazzy gestures to themselves until iPad 2 is out the door. After all, they will want a few features to show off at the launch of the new iPad 2. We are guessing that Apple still wanted to test it’s popularity and functionality with developers and so included it with this release!

It looks like Airplay for 3rd party apps is still on target for iOS 4.3 however, and the option to use the hardware orientation lock will be making a return to the iPad.

Now, we want to be able to play iOS games on our Apple TV!

John Ryan

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