iPad applications will cost more than iPhone apps?

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iPad apps more expensive?

BBC News website has a report today discussing how  iPad applications will cost a bit more than iPhone applications. This is not entirely unexpected as the iPad is a bigger device with greater functionality and apps will require much more time to develop. Steve Jobs said about the  iPad, it “connects users with their apps and content in a far more intimate and fun way than ever before”, and perhaps this also equates a higher price tag?

End users will expect more from applications for the iPad. Apple has stated that all current iPhone apps will work on the iPad, but there will of course be dedicated iPad apps. The expectation of these will be much higher, so more design and coding would be required.

The co-creator of Pocket God, Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt Creative told BBC his application for the iPad will cost around 2.99USD on the iPad, it currently costs 99 cents USD on the iPhone.

“The simple fact is that even if the iPad is a tremendous success, it is not going to have the same install user market from day one that the iPhone and iPod Touch had.”

The issue of developers not physically having an iPad device currently also means that some developers will hold off for a little while to test their applications, so they wont have apps at launch.


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