iPad 2 – What’s the story?

iPad Concept
iPad Concept

It has happened! The iPad rumors have started to do the rounds.

No word yet however from Apple. The actual rumors this time are coming from a number of sources including reuters, and the manufacturers of iPad covers! At the moment no one has a definitive list of what to expect, but of course there has been  plenty of interesting discussions and debate going on as to what to expect. We have jotted down some of our favorite ones below? What have you heard? Have you hopes for the next generation iPad, will you buy one ? Let us know in the comments.

  • Retina Display – Retina display was  introduced by Apple with the iPhone 4, we would expect to see this on the new iPad also. In case you missed it Retina display has a greater pixel density, and makes everything sharper.
  • Front facing camera – If Apple are really serious about  FaceTime , a video chat feature appearing on many of their devices, this would be a must for the iPad 2.
  • Full rear camera– Not something we think is needed on a tablet device, unless the device is much lighter, this would be difficult to use, but having said that we can see coming to iPad 2.
  • Coming soon – It will come in early 2011

John Ryan

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