iPad 2 – So what’s new?

We did not get everything we wanted with the iPad 2, such as a smudge resistant retina  display, but Apple did manage to pack a lot of new goodies and reduce the size of the device in the process. And Apple finally managed to get the ‘white’ colour working, so from day one you can buy it in black and white. Although we find the white takes a little getting used to in terms of  looks. We have taken a quick look below at some of the newness that made us happy about the iPad 2!


Of course it’s faster – it’s a given right?  As of yet no one seems to know what kind of RAM the iPad 2 has, but it does have a dual 1GHz processor. Apple have said the iPad 2 can process graphics 9 x faster, this and given its smaller size and weight should make it better as a gaming device.


Yes indeed… two cameras. As expected the iPad 2 comes with 2 cameras. It will sport a front facing VGA camera which will be used primary for Apples’ video chat program – facetime – which will allow facetime calls iPad to iPhone 4 and to Mac! It will also have a rear camera (720p) for shooting HD video.


The iPad now has a Gyroscope which will work in the same way as the iPhone. The Gyroscope can be used enhance gaming, interesting but nothing to get over excited about!


Being able to reduce the size of the iPad from 13.4mm to 8.8mm is what makes Apple such an amazing company, the new iPad is amazingly thin for the extra functionality you get.


iPad Cover
iPad Cover

We were following a large number of Twitter users who were at the Apple  iPad event, when Steven Jobs starting talking about these amazing iPad covers, we were in disbelieve that covers were such a big part of their presentation. That aside, these covers do have some interesting functionality, so before you dismiss them like we almost did, head over to Apple.com and watch the video Apple have posted for these covers! Will they work with iPad 1?

We know there are a few more features in the iPad 2, but those are the ones that licked our whistle. iPad 2 will come with iOS 4.3 which has support for  AirPlay, home sharing and hotspot for iPhone 4. Will you be buying it?

If you already have  an iPad have don’t have any need for the cameras and faster processing power, you may feel like giving this iPad refresh a miss! If you were holding off on a tablet device, this is the perfect time to crack open your piggy bank and buy the iPad 2! Don’t forget the iPad 1!  Apple have slashed the price and it is now much more affordable, if not less desirable due to the  Pad 2!

It’s also worth noting one small thing. There are whispers, out there, that we could have an iPad 3 before the end of 2011, something to think about!

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John Ryan

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  1. The new iPad 2 is beautiful! I work for DISH Network and recognize good equipment when I see it. I’m eager to see how my live programming and DVR’s will look when I stream them from my Sling Adapter to my new iPad2…now for the countdown…

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