iOS 4.1 – What’s new?

iOS 4.1
iOS 4.1

Expected to be released next week (possibly Wednesday – we heard – but not confirmed) iOS 4.1 offers a number of bug fixes; importantly fixes for bluetooth, proximity sensor and 3G performance . Steve Jobs says they have “nailed a lot of them” (bugs).


Next up is HDR photos. High dynamic range photos (HDR), is a new feature that can be enabled, or indeed disabled, that will take three photos in rapid succession. With HDR enabled the iPhone takes one normal exposure photo and also one under and one overexposed. HDR combines these three photos to get the best possible picture. It then saves two photos, one HDR one normal in the photos app. Looking at the screen grabs –  this looks pretty impressive! (see above)

Game Center
Game Center

Game Center (finally): Game Center was announced some time ago, and will be included in iOS 4.1. Game Center will allow you to challenge or invite friends and others to play games on your iPhone, it will also record game  scores. This could be  really useful for online multiplayer games, because you can send  push notification to your friends, inviting them to play with you – assuming they too have the game.

A game from Epic games was demonstrated at the Apple media event  which uses game center. The game is called Project Sword (code name). Game Center aside, the graphics on this game are just amazing! I mean amazing! Keep an eye out for this one!

Also included in iOS 4.1

  • Ability to upload HD video over wifi to youtube.
  • TV show rentals (US)

iOS  4.1 in pictures

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  1. HDR was the first thing I used. Not sure if I was getting any noticeable difference though. I tried GameCenter, but I don't usually buy games for the iPhone anyways.

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