iOS 4.1 bug – allows users to make phone calls while device is locked!

iOS  4.1 security flaw
iOS 4.1 security flaw

A security flaw discovered in Apple’s iOS will allow unauthorized users access to the dialing screen on an iPhone running iOS 4.1 (the latest version). This flaw is a big one! Anyone who has password protected their iPhone to prevent calls being made if their device is misplaced or stolen are  wide open to unauthorized access.

The flaw does not however allow access to the home screen, so it seems that your apps are safe enough, it is just making calls that’s as easy as described below! This  is not the first such security flaw Apple have had, and one they could do without!

All that needs to be done to make a call if the iPhone is passcode protected is the following:

  • Press the Emergency Call button, enter a non-emergency number such as ###
  • Tap the call button and immediately hit the lock button.
  • The iPhone’s dialing screen, from which calls can be made is now visible!

[Source and quoted in part]

John Ryan

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