Interesting meals in 2010?

Grilled lemon & herb chicken with mash
Grilled lemon & herb chicken with mash

One of my plans for this year is to create some interesting meals. Interesting, for me that is you might find many of them a little ordinary. And I love nothing better than to integrate technology into my passions.

I downloaded ‘Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals’ for my iPhone, which as the name would indicate suits me down to the ground, simple yet a little interesting . Jamie (and the designers) have  put a lot of love into this little application, it is very easy to use.  Yesterday I cooked up the above. And yes the above image is from the application mine did not looks as delectable, it it tasted pretty damn good if I may say so myself!

By the way, you may have noticed my avoidance of the words – new year resolutions,  I am calling these new year plans, it seems resolutions never pan out. EVER!

John Ryan

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