iMovie for iPhone – bit of a let down

iMovie for iPhone 4
iMovie for iPhone 4

When iMovie for iPhone 4 was first presented to the world, it looked amazing, Apple  demonstrated the capabilities of making your own holiday movie from your iPhone 4. While it is true, iMovie can make pretty good movies and output them in HD format, iMovie for the iPhone really is a bit of a let down. With limited options, restrictions on audio and a small number of themes, you will find yourself wondering where is the rest of this app?

iMovie is not very difficult to use, and has a nice interface. After you download the app, 4.99USD or 3.99EURO, you are presented with your projects screen. To create a new project you click on the plus icon at the top of the screen, you are limited to five themes, and  currently there is no way to add more. The themes are: Modern, Bright,  Travel (location aware), playful, and News. Some of these themes like travel, are location aware which is an interesting touch.

You can insert  various types of media to your project. The media options are audio, video and photos. Surprisingly you cannot add a video that was not taken with your iPhone 4, a big draw back, but hopefully something that will be fixed with a future update. Each theme includes a matching set of titles and transitions. You must use a video if you would like a title at the start of your iMove and not a photo, so again not great if you want to make a movie with your pictures. You must select photos individually, it’s not possible to select multiple media for insertion to the project.

I’ll be honest and say to only real thing I like about iMovie is the potential it has to get better. The end result looks pretty good and professionally put together, each photo has a ‘Ken Burns’ panning effect, which looks good, but you cannot disable it. You can output your video in Medium, Large, or HD.

Not many options, needs to have more  functionality, this app has potential, but is not quiet there yet!

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iMovie in pictures

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