iBooks bestsellers to be sold at 9.99USD?

iBooks screenshot?
iBooks screenshot?

Hopefully when the iPad launches in Europe it will have the iBooks application, or even the kindle? Currently Amazon kindle makes a loss of newly released and best selling books. They do this in order to increase their market share.

On the iPhone developers get to set their own prices, and Apple gets 30%, this would probably mean books on the iBooks application would be more expensive.

Appadvice.com however claims to have had a first look at the iBook store and noted the pricing, and claims that this is not the case

They claim:

“out of the 32 eBooks featured in the New York Time’s Bestsellers section, 27, including the entire top 10 are priced at $9.99.”

Interesting indeed, will you use iBooks, or will you stick to paper? Or perhaps you have another ebook device?


John Ryan

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