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HulloMail for the iPhone is an app which will take the ability to manage voicemail away from your network provider and hand it to you or more specifically your iPhone! If your remember back when the iPhone was originally announced, one of the main  features was visual voicemail. Although this feature was launched in the US, it never materialised in many countries including Ireland. With HulloMail you now have  visual voicemail! HulloMail app is available for download in Ireland (to be launched shortly), UK and US, and it brings many of the features promised in visual voicemail and a few more.

HulloMail will become the very first free, smart voicemail & instant voice messaging mobile application for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone owners in Ireland. For the first time, mobile phone users across the country will be able to download the app and experience a completely new approach to voice messaging. Smartphone users will be able to access voicemail and missed-call notifications directly via the app on their mobile, via email or online for free and without having to make a call.  In one click, users can instantly play the message, as well as save, forward, archive, delete or even post it onto social media sites as an MP3 file.

We were given the chance to test HuloMail recently, and were very interested in the implementation of this app. We found that the iPhone app runs very smoothly once you set it up. And best of all the app itself is free!

To start off you must create an account. You will then need to activate a conditional divert, don’t worry tips are provided constantly by the app so this is easy enough. The app adds three phone numbers to your iPhone phonebook, one to enable this divert and one to disable it, the third one allows you to listen to voicemail. However it is with these diverts we reach our first concern. A conditional divert, is a phone call from your account, and will be deducted – in most cases from your minutes, if your minutes cover national calls. However it is worth nothing the following from their FAQ sections.

When you are in Ireland, calls made to you that are diverted to HulloMail and calls you make to HulloMail should be covered within your monthly minute allowance. If you keep within your allowance you should not see any additional charges. If you exceed your allowance then charges will be added according to your plan. … If you are still unsure it always worth checking charges with your Mobile Operator. [Link] (Updated 08/09/2010)

From now on voicemails will be managed  by HulloMail system, when your get a new message your iPhone will receive  a push notification alerting you to a new voicemail. Click on it and the HulloMail app opens, a  message to listen via  phone or speaker and you can even reply with your own voice to a message  or create a new message! You can click on copy to mail, and interesting things happens! You get a copy of that voicemail as a MP3 file to your e-mail account, which you can forward to another person or save!

If you are abroad, you may need to use a wifi connection to download these voicemail messages, to avoid the roaming charges as the app needs a data connection to download messages, or you can call HulloMail voice portal if you don’t have your phone to hand!

Video: Message Management

We can really see this app being useful for people who get a lot of voicemail and would like easy access to voicemail messages on the move, being able to email messages as MP3 files is definitely a bonus. If you don’t use voicemail much you probably wont use this application much, we have noticed for some reason it has disabled our call waiting, and   get a message from HulloMail advising of a  missed call, we would prefer to have the actual call!

This aside, HulloMail is possibly a new must have for busy managers and socialites who get a lot of voicemail messages. Just make sure that the minutes are included in your price plan!

On the plus site

  • Easy to manage voicemail system
  • Forward voicemails messages by e-mail
  • Reply by voicemail
  • Its visual – no more “press 1, press 2”
  • Free

On the minus

  • Need to ensure you have minutes to cover this – Check with operator
  • Disables call waiting
  • Needs data to download messages, can be slow in bad coverage areas

[box type=”download”] HulloMail iTunes download – FREE available shortly![/box]

[box type=”note”]We originally announced that HulloMail was to be launched today in Ireland, it will be available on iTunes shortly[/box]

HulloMail in pictures

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