How to turn on caps lock on iPhone – iPhone 101 series

How do you enable the caps lock on the iPhone?  It’s an obvious enough  question, but it’s not clear how to do this. Lucky for you iPhone 101 series is here to help.

Enable Caps Lock
Enable Caps Lock
  • Open the settings application.
  • From this menu scroll to Keyboard.
  • Switch the “Enable Caps Lock” option to on.
  • Close the settings application.
  • Open the program you wish to type in, for this example we are using the mail app.
  • Compose email in the normal way.
  • To enable the caps lock, double tap the shift button (as pictured) it will turn blue to indicate that caps lock has been enabled. You can tap again to disable.

iPhone 101 is a series of blog posts by that makes no assumptions. If you are new to smart phones, iPhones or mobile phones, you will find this guide straight forward to use.

John Ryan

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