How to Sync Media between your iPhone and iTunes

If you want to sync iTunes with your iPhone or iPod without any wires, you first need to turn on the iTunes Wi-Fi Sync. Then, sync your iPhone with the computer by connecting both the mediums to the same wireless network. It is important to keep both the computer and iPhone turned on. You can practically sync everything including books, movies, photos, documents, notes etc. However, larger amounts of data will consume more time.

To sync your iPhone and iTunes without the help of any wires though, you do need to follow a series of steps mentioned below:  

  • Firstly, take your computer or Mac and connect with the iPhone. Open iTunes, and click on the Summary tab, check ‘Sync with this phone over Wi-Fi’. Click Apply. Disconnect your iPhone from the computer. The device will still appear in the pop-up menu. Establish a connection with a wireless network. Meanwhile, go to Settings, choose ‘Network’, then choose ‘Wi-Fi’, and select your specific wireless network. Enter your password.
  • If you want to be sure about whether the wireless sync has been successful, you can also plug your iPhone into a power source. After that, open the settings app and tap ‘iTunes with Wi-Fi Sync.’
  • You can also manually sync your iPhone by clicking ‘Add To’ and drag items to the right place. After that, click ‘Done’. To keep a check on whether the device is properly syncing or not, check on the spinning icons on iTunes.
  • Once your iPhone is synchronized, click the type of content you want and begin to add albums, songs, podcasts, movies, audio books and ringtones to your device without syncing again, as long as the device and iTunes are within a given range to each other. Choose whatever media you want, add or drag it to the sidebar of your iPhone or iPod. And you’re done!

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