How to secure your iPhone – 4 top tips

iphone passcode
iPhone Passcode

This short article points out four simple steps you can take to secure your iPhone, of course there are always security issues with any device, be it a laptop or a mobile phone. But taking the most basic steps can give you that little extra bit of peace of mind, if anything does happen at least you covered the basis.

  • Turn on SIM pin. Of course this is not exclusive to the iPhone, but it does ensure if someone does grab your iPhone and is unable to use it, even if they whip out the SIM card and pop it into another phone, they will still, in theory, be unable to make a call, giving you time to alert your provider.
  • Turn on passcode. This along with auto lock, not only secures your iPhone but stops your family from reading you email, a double bonus. All jokes aside, if you are not sure how to do this, it is simple enough. Go to settings and select general, passcode, from there set up your four digit password, you can also enable an option to erase all data if entered incorrectly ten times, be very careful with that last one. You can also select auto lock, which means your phone will password protect itself after a defined about of time.
  • Be prepared. Have a policy to back up your iPhone as often as you think suits you need, if you do have to wipe it, or loose it, at least you don’t come away empty handed.
  • Mobile Me. It costs 79 euro in Ireland, I am not a fan of it’s email , I find it a little limited. But the real gem of mobile me is that you can remote wipe, remote lock, and even locate your lost iPhone on google maps. Very handy, if you often put your iPhone down for a second and walk away with out. Is that worth 79 euro to you? It really is a personal decision.

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