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How to save space on your iPhone – 6 Tips

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One would suspect (hope) that the next generation of iPhone, expected towards the end of this year, that Apple will abandon the 16 GB version of the iPhone – Even with cloud and streaming services, once you have a few apps and games on your iPhone, it is not long until you need to save space on your iPhone. If you are here, then it is too late! But if you have a choice always go for the extra storage, it is of course much more expensive,  but for most people a necessity. Below are 6 tips on how to save space on your iPhone.

  • Analyse which apps are taking up the most space, this should be the first step you take in space saving process. It might surprise you, it could be an app you have not used in ages and not longer need. Go into the settings app and select General > Storage and iCloud usage, and from there select ‘Manage Storage’. This really is a useful screen as it shows you exactly which app is using up the most space. For many users this will be the Photos and camera, and there is a tip below on what to do about this also.
  • Clear app content. Take for example Audible, once you have listened to your book, delete it, it’s still in the cloud, but you get space back on your device.
  • Delete apps.Seriously! Have a look in folders, you probably have a good few apps you have not used in sometime, or even applications that you only use certain times of the year, such as holiday trips. You can always re-download the app when you need it again, even the ones you paid for – without paying again. Remember, however you will lose any data the app had stored locally, unless you backed it up somehow. Unfortunately Apple does not allow the removal of stock apps even if you don’t use them, hopefully they plan on reviewing this position at some stage!
  • How to save space on your iPhone? Delete photographs. Once you have implemented a backup solution such as ‘one drive’ or ‘google drive’, you can delete photos on your device. Just check all your photos are on the cloud solutions before you delete them. This should reclaim a great deal of space.
  • Turn on ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ You will find this in > Settings > Photos & Camera. If your iPhone is low on space, your iPhone will store the high quality photo on iCloud and only access the high resolution image when required.
  • Delete old iMessages – Messages are becoming more content rich these days and often include image and sound files that eat away at space, clear out old conversations to save space on your iPhone

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