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How to put your Digital Covid Cert on your phone?

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Put your Digital Covid Cert on your iPhone using the Covid Tracker App

The Covid Tracker app has been updated in the last few weeks to allow you to scan the QR code from your letter or PDF file. This uses the iPhone camera to scan the QR code.

The process is simple. You can Register your EU Digital Covid Certificate by opening the app and choosing the appropriate option at the top of the screen. Once scanned it will display your vaccination status as well as your certificate ID as well as related details.

This is convenient.

But it does raise the question. How do I scan the Cert if it’s on my phone’s email? The easiest is to open the email on a web-based platform from a PC and then scan the PDF that way.

Can you import the Certificate into Apple Wallet?

The technical answer is yes.

There are plenty of apps on the app store that allows this. There are also web-based applications that will scan the app. My problem with these is the following:

  • Who developed this app?
  • How will they manage my data?
  • The apps are free – what’s in it for them?

Of course, the EU Digital Certificate contains limited information on you. It seems to just have your date of birth and vaccine information.

But consider the last HSE breach. I would be careful where I upload my data.

Hopefully, Apple will allow the QR code to be officially stored in the Apple Wallet soon.

When travelling remember the EU Digital Certificate is just one part of the equation, always check the Department of Foreign affairs and the country of your visit’s website before travelling. To see what you need to do before travelling.

Paper is better

Experience has taught me that technology is simply amazing. However, when you are at a busy airport, so many things can go wrong.

My suggestion is to have a physical copy with you at all times. Print it off and keep it safe.

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