How to end a multitasking app – iPhone 101 series

Multitasking was introduced with iOS4 for the iPhone and is extremely useful. It means you can listen to your favourite audio app, while sending an e-mail, sending a tweet, or checking up on your facebook contacts, all while reading an ebook.

And if you do all of the above at once you will notice those apps continue to run when you switch out of them. Fast app switching support along with multitasking means the iPhone can now be considered a possibility for business who may previously have dismissed the device.

What happens when you are finished using the app, and no longer wish to use it or have it running in the background? How you close the app? Why would you want to in the first place? You may want to stop a radio app from playing for example!

It’s not very obvious how to remove an app from the multitasking pane for a new iPhone owner, but it is easy enough to do.

Multi Tasking
Multi Tasking
  • Double tap the home button, so the list of recently open apps is displayed.
  • Select the app you wish the close and hold your finger over it until it starts to “giggle”.
  • A red minus icon  will appear, pressing this icon will close down the application so it is no longer running in the background.

iPhone 101 is a series of blog posts by that makes no assumptions. If you are new to smart phones, iPhones or mobile phones, you will find this guide straight forward to use.

John Ryan

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  1. i still there there is something to be said for not having multi-taking. I can say its never bothered me and phone runs well maybe cos of it

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