How to edit app notifications – iPhone 101 series

iPhone notifications menu
iPhone notifications menu

You might ask a particular application  not to alert you, only to change your mind at some point! How do you reactivate those notifications again? It’s actually very simple, you don’t need to open the app itself, as notifications has it’s own management area in the settings app.

Here are a few simple steps to amend the notifications on your iPhone. For this example we have selected Angry Birds as the app we would like to change the notification settings, of course this can used for any app you wish.

  • Open the settings application on your iPhone, from there you will see the notification tab (pictured above). The notification tab contains a collection of apps with have a notification ability.  There is three types of notification an app can send you; sounds, alerts, and badges. You can also disable all notifications collectively if you want all apps to stop notifications, by switching the main notification setting to “off”.
iPhone notifications menu
iPhone notifications menu
  • Once you are in the notification tab, you will see a collection of apps with notifications enabled or disbaled. For our example we will select Angry Birds app, which is a popular game on iOS devices.

  • We can now see the three types of notifications enabled for this application. You can enable or disable some or all notifications for this app, the effect is immediate.


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