How to disable data roaming – iPhone 101 series

Turn off data roaming
Turn off data roaming

Data roaming prices can be astronomical! When you are on holidays or taking a business trip, you will want to be fully aware of data roaming prices and check out what plans, if any, are available.

For example I was data roaming in England recently as a customer of O2 Ireland who had a charge of 4.96 per MB and you will be charged for what you use up to 4MB and then up to 50MB is free, believe it or not this is actually not a bad offer, but you could be looking at 20 Euro per day and up, depending on use.

You may want to disable data roaming on your iPhone. Disabling data roaming will prevent your iPhone from establishing a data connection when you are out of the country. This is very simple to do.  You can set this at any time – even before you leave for your trip, and it is usually enabled by default, but be sure to double check this.

Oh! You are probably wondering about wifi, disabling data roaming has no effect on wifi you can use this as normal.

How to do it

  1. Open the settings app.
  2. Select General and then Network.

  3. Under the network option, set data roaming to off. You can see under this option the explanation “turn data roaming off when abroad to avoid substantial when using email, mms, web browsing and other data services”
  4. Data roaming
    Data roaming

Remember if you need to use data services urgently you can enable it, but if you do remember that iPhones often use data services in the background, so even if you are not browsing the internet you could still be charged, for example, your iPhone may be checking for email updates, so don’t forgot to disable data roaming once you are finished.

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