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How to connect Sky Q remote to the TV

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There are two ways to connect Sky Q remote to your tv. You can either let the SKY Q do it for you or enter the code for your TV manufacturer.

The reason for connecting your Sky Q remote to TV is it will allow you to turn your tv on and off from the remote control. It will also allow you to control the volume from one remote.

Sky Q remotes

Steps to Connect Sky Q to TV

  • Press the home button icon and scroll to the settings option.
  • Press the right arrow button on the remote and then go to settup and press the right button again.
  • Choose “remote control”. Once in this menu you will see a few different remote control options.
  • Select the remote you are trying to connect your sky q remote to tv.
  • Select the Sky Q remote you require and press “control your tv” and it will launch a wizard that will guide you want to do next.
  • Choose “find it for me” to find the unique code for your tv.

Next Steps

  • Next, you will be asked to choose your TV brand from the List. Browse to the first letter of your TV brand name and when you find it press select.
  • You can then select “find it for me” and Sky Q will attempt to find the code for you and then ask you to test it by changing the volume, to see if it worked.
  • Sky Q will then ask if you would also like to control a speaker system with the remote, do this if needed or press “no”.
  • If you have a tv that the model number is not listed you can obtain a list of codes from the manafactures website.


Once you have successfully completed the steps above. You can now turn your TV off using the remote.

How to turn the TV on/off with Sky Q remote

To power off the skybox (put it in stand-by mode) – You tap the power button once. To Turn off the TV itself you press and hold the remote. It is the same to power it on. Press and hold to power on the TV and press once to turn on the Sky Q box.

If after a few moments the Sky Q box does not seem to be powering on press the home button to give it a nudge.

TV Codes

To find a code for your TV click here

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