Hello world

I’ve just archived all my blog posts, dating back to 1999 the blog posts are mostly discussing technology more specifically Apple technology with the odd bit about firewalls. There’s also a lot of nonsense posts. To be honest I was more interested in messing about with the WordPress blogging platform and associated plugins (the little scripts that allow you to extend the platform) rather than actually present any useful information.

So what is this post about then? Feck all really. Lock down and COVID is such a bitch that I decided to start writing, and see if anything interesting would come out. So far, it’s not faring well.

So… what have you been doing during lockdown/ level 3 lockdown or whatever they are calling it? Who cares what you have been doing… do I even know you… ah… no… I do care… Ok, not really, anyway back to me. I’ve been doing some language learning, in anticipation of a trip away next year. Also I’ve been doing a bit of reading. Oh, and I started running again, a little bit anyway. I don’t tell people, cause everyone seems to run these days, much faster and longer distance than me, so why shame myself. Well that’s not true – just running and not being on the couch is better than nothing.

I would have thought I would be much more disciplined than I am ‘working from home’, I’ve been going into the office once a week, and aside from the horrible bus journey, I much prefer to be in the office…

Anyway, thanks for reading all this shite, you just waisted three minutes, back in your box!

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