Griffin Elan Folio for iPad – Compu B Apple store Dublin

Elan Folio
Elan Folio

The iPad needs a cover, if you have had your iPad more than one week you will quickly realise this. There is a huge selection of iPad covers  on the market today, so shop around, yesterday I bought a Griffin Elan Folio for iPad in Compu B Apple store in Dublin.

Griffin Elan Folio for iPad has a nice dark leather look, I am not sure if it is leather, I am doubtful as it does not say it is any where. The finish is handsome,and has a nice professional ‘note book’ feel to it. You can however see finger marks from where you held it, but these seem to wipe away easily.

For 40 euro, it is not the most expensive iPad cover on the market, I would put it at the mid to low price range. The iPad slots in easily enough to the Elan Folio case, the sides of the case covers the bezel of the iPad, and has a flap which you tuck in to hold the device in place. There are slots for all the switches,ports and speakers on the iPad, although the alignment is not perfect. When you close the case it’s not completly flat, as there is a crease to allow the Elan Folio to fold over when in stand use (see below), nice idea, but I really think a clip or magnet to  hold the cover closed would have been a little neater.

Elan Folio
Elan Folio

This case has a useful feature, it folds over to act as a stand so you can use your iPad upright in landscape mode.  This works well, and you can also use it to position the iPad comfortably on your lap. I am a little concerned about the clips that hold the iPad in position however, and I wonder after a number of uses will these clips become loose and stick out a little bit?  The iPad screen also has a tendency to slip inside the bezel cover, causing some of the screen to get covered in the stand mode.

My review is a little critical, but in retrospect this is a relatively good iPad case for 40 euro.
[box]6.5 out of 10[/box]

John Ryan

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