Finally a way to lock unwanted screen orientation- OS 4 beta 3 (Updated: with video)

iPhone OS 4 beta 3
iPhone OS 4 beta 3

The iPhone screen orientation – where the iphone flips the screen depending on the way you are holding the device, can be very useful, but equally it can be a huge pain. The worst crime it commits is rotating when you don’t want it to, usually because you are using your iPhone in bed or on the sofa. In certain positions it is next to impossible to write email or surf the web without tilting the iPhone one way or another to prevent the screen from rotating.

Well we can finally rest easy, a solution is on the way. In iPhone OS 4 which is currently in beta 3 (testing) if you swipe your finger to the left on the multi tasking pane you get the option the lock the screen orientation as well as some nifty iPod controls. A wonderful and much needed feature, which seems to operate the same way as the hardware orientation lock for the iPad only it’s a software lock on the iPhone OS.

Some blogs are calling this a widget, we are not so sure, Apple seems to be against placing information widgets on their iPhones, despite their usefulness.

[Source and image 9to5mac]

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