Facebook updates iPhone application (version 3.1.1)

facebook Facebook has updated  it’s application for the iPhone to version 3.1.1. Finally we have push notifications, which is a great little feature. Allowing for little pop-up messages when you have a friend. Interestingly facebook have added the option to sync your phone contacts with your facebook friends, which allows you to add facebook profile pictures and links to contacts.

One worrying element however is, as ever, security. What happens with the contacts you send to facebook, the ones that are not on facebook, are these disregarded – as you would expect or does facebook take a copy?

You do get a warning message when you enable this (as pictured) but the message does not state what will happen with the contacts you send to facebook. Are you comfortable giving facebook access to your contacts, are your contacts happy with giving you this control over their information, do they have a choice?

Clearer information is necessary from facebook before an informed decision can be made. On the other hand this is a useful feature, but not one you should enable unless you are sure.

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