Facebook launches support for iPad & iPhone videos

HTML 5 Video supported
HTML 5 Video supported

In another snub against adobe flash videos, facebook seems to have launched support for videos on the iPad and iPhone, the screenshots, as seen below,  show how new videos uploaded to facebook will now play on an iPad.

Previous to this, if you tried to watch a video on an iPhone you got a message saying videos are currently not supported, but that facebook were “working on it”. We noticed this change is not backdated, so videos uploaded previous to this update will still not play on an iPhone/iPad.

On our iPad, we also noticed that the videos are not embedded, so when you click on a video it opens as a link, rather than on the page you were in (this may but just some videos). This spells bad news for adobe flash, as more and more companies adopt HTML 5 above flash, which Apple iPhone OS does not support.


John Ryan

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