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Teaching English To Brazilians in Dublin, Ireland


Hi there. My name is John Ryan and I am Irish and a native English Speaker. I have a business degree and advanced diploma in cloud computing.

I have recently completed 120 hours teaching English to foreigners course as well as a 30-hour advanced grammar course.

The reason I have decided to complete these two courses is that I love to do new things! I have decided to offer a limited number of Brazilian students English language lessons.

In addition, I love Brazil, the culture, the people and of course the language. Not to mention the food! I have experienced all of these things, without actually visiting Brazil! Once COVID has finished I will, of course, be booking a holiday to Brazil. This is the reason for offering the course to just Brazilians.

I am new to teaching English, but I am really looking forward to the experience. If you have any particular area you need help with I am happy to help. I will work hard to help you reach your goals. I am very open and approachable to all levels of language learning. I know how difficult it can be. But it can also be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Learning a new language is more than just words, it’s worlds!

By learning a new language you will also open a gateway to a new culture!

I teach English the way it is spoken in an informal way. However, I have vast experience in formal situations and can assist with that also.

My interests include language learning, as well as technology and reading.

If you would like to hire me get in touch or book a lesson today and book a one on-one lesson for 15 euro. Spaces are extremely limited.

(I will be in contact regarding a suitable time once payment is complete)