How to easily clean a juicer?

Once you have had your first healthy fruit and vegetable juice, you will quickly realise you are left with an awful mess to clean up. While extracting juice has been perfected, these days most juicers will give you a tasty sludge free juice, however cleaning the machine has become an nightmare.

Here are a few tips, to clean your juicer in minutes, which will not put you off juicing. Using the juicer once and relegating it to the back of the closet, because you don’t want to have to clean it, while understandable is not forgivable!

Before you being juicing make a rule. “I cannot have my juice until I clean the machine”. Some say it’s best to drink it straight away, possibly true, it will just help you clean the juicer faster!

  1. Place a disposable plastic bag in the waste basket. One less thing to clean when you are finished, you can just throw the log in the waste bin.
  2. Wash every component  straight away after juicing under ice cold tap water – it should rinse clean. If you wait any length of time the pulp will stick into everything and make cleaning much more difficult.
  3. Use a gentle scrubber to clean the mesh strainer avoiding the blades, keep the cold water running to clean same.
  4. Let everything air dry and your done!

You can perfect this so it takes less than 5 minutes -just don’t cut the hands off yourself.


John Ryan

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