Game of Thrones characters can drink their fill

I started watching and enjoying Game of Thrones when it first aired on TV and then abruptly stopped, deciding I would read all the books first. I’m not the fastest reader, it has to be said, it took me 6 months to finish them all. But, reading the books, I got to see, much closer, into all the characters thought-processes and it occurred to me, these characters sure do drink a lot.

Well, perhaps it reflects life, I mean Game of Thrones may be brutal and fantasy. But it can reflect modern society in many ways such as peoples quest for, power, desire, hate, the ups and downs, and through it all, there are flagons of Mead and Arbour Gold.

Tyrion Lannister, one of my favorite characters in the novels, loves to have a drink with breakfast, and then again… well lets just say…most of the day. But, he is a very intelligent character who thinks ahead and sees behind lies and deceit a lesson learned from his harsh life experiences. But is this why he drinks so much? What a million dollar question!

I suspect he is representative of today’s society and our often unhealthy relationship with alcohol. When we drink at home, be it one or two, do we consider this ‘drinking’? Or do we have to be with friends or at a pub for it to count as such. For Tyrion, it was his orange juice in the morning and his beverage of choice with  meals, and he was not alone, all the other characters were ‘social drinkers’. Did they need a vice, living in the world they do? Do we? Living in the different, yet comparable, world we live in. Yes, does it have to be beer or wine? No! But, we do need a vice, and NO I don’t mean drugs… sorry!

I will explore some alternative ‘vices’ or alternatives I used when my mind went to a cool beer, in later blog posts, so check those out when you can. And, I am not alone, by the way, in my Game of Thrones question! Watch this video, below, from seasons 1-4 of Game of Thrones characters having some wine.

“Ever watched Game of Thrones and thought sh*t they drink a lot of wine. Well here at The Movie Maniacs we’ve watched every episode and compiled a lovely little video that features every drinking shot from a main character and most of the background characters (I’m sure we missed at least a couple) from seasons 1 to 4. Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, which house drinks the most? Well I guess your just going to have to watch and find out!”


John Ryan

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