How to detox your body with water

Drinking enough water, as most  people already know is a good way to flush your liver and keep you healthy. Apparently, it helps flush away those toxins*,  and when you think about it humans are basically sacks of water about 60% of us is water! But water is boring, and if you like something with a bit of taste, and will keep you feeling refreshed try these  two water detox recipes.

*We are not crazy on the term detox, so call it a refreshing beverage if you prefer, anyway here are some suggestions.

Cucumber Lemon Mint Water

A couple of Mint Leaves, a few slices of Cucumber and, depending on how lemony you want it a few slices of Lemon. This is very hydrating as well as refreshing and is a drink you can keep in a jug in the fridge, you can top up the water as much as you like and it will still keep fresh. Refresh the whole drink after two days of use.

Morning Lemon Water (wake-up) drink

A morning ritual, this lemon water lets your digestive system recover from the night, and prepares it for the day. Add half a squeezed lemon to a glass of water each day. Cool boiled water is ideal with this too. This is a curious drink too… Because although lemons are acidic in nature they actually have an alkaline  effect in the body! This I find is great if you suffer from acid reflex.



John Ryan

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