Custom iPhone case by Zazzle reviewed


There are countless iPhone case manufactures online offering a variety of different cover designs, but when zazzle offered us the opportunity to select our own design, we jumped at the chance. Zazzle offer a variety of items which you can customize with your own images from T-shirts, mugs, to of course iPhone covers. Using a simple online interface you can add your own picture… of, well lets say a loved one, but if you are like us you can choose a landscape.

The perfect iPhone accessory that lets your personality shine through!

Before we get to the image we selected for our cover, lets look at the all important form of this iPhone case. While the ability to customize the back cover of your iPhone case, is of course a nifty feature that is bound to start of few conversations with friends, such as “where did you get that” and so on, you really need to be able to protect your iPhone and it still needs to be comfortable in your hands!

Zazzle were kind enough to send  the us our customized iPhone 4 cover just in time for the Christmas holidays, and having used it over a week, we found it is very comfortable indeed, and got a few compliments. Unlike many cases on the market the zazzle iPhone cover comes in two parts!  We found it straight forward to put on, but be very carefully if you need to take it off, we get the feeling it may break if not done correctly!


The side part of the case which covers the bezel has a soft touch feel, which makes gripping the iPhone comfortable. Looking at the iPhone 4 from the front you will notice a raised border over your iPhone, which does make the phone look slightly bigger.

The cover has the correct openings, of course,  for the speakers, buttons and at the back areas for the flash and camera (iPhone 4). These are well seated on the case, which is solid and does not move about as you use the phone, which is great, based on previous iPhone covers we have used.

Deciding what picture to place on the back design of the iPhone required some thought. As we have had a large amount of snow in Ireland lately, we decided a nice picture of St, Stephens Green, in Dublin, covered completely in snow, would look great on the iPhone and would be a challenge for the folks at zazzle to create. To make it more interesting we snapped the picture with the iPhone 4. Of course we also could not resist popping on our blog logo, and URL, nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion right?

Overall we were very pleased with the custom zazzle iPhone case, but were surprised with the way the back of the case felt, it has what we can describe as a raised durable feel, not rough but not smooth either to the touch. While this itself was unexpected, we can see this makes your custom picture resistant to the elements while you are on the go with your iPhone.

To make it clear we have included the image we used on the back, as well as the end result in a  gallery below.
[box]For 39.99 USD you get a great personalized iPhone cover![/box]

Custom iPhone case Gallery

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