How to install the Amazon app store for android – play store alternative

The Amazon app store for android, is an alternative app store for your android based phone. If you love apps, you could find apps on the amazon app store, that may not be in the Google Play store due to different policies on apps that can be presented to the store.  You can install the […]

1890 numbers ireland: Avoid calling 1890 and 0818 numbers & save money

Many Irish companies offer 1890 support/contact numbers. These, so called ‘low call numbers’, are often excluded from bundled phone plans on both landline and mobile networks. 1890 numbers may cost from 5 cent to 31c per minute depending on network. Before you call that number take a look at the website for company you want […]

4 great Youtube tech channels you should be subscribing to

A little tip, when you browse youtube and find a channel you like – subscribe to it.  Then every time you visit youtube you get a much more refined experience, and if you love your tech like, me you get to stay up to date on the latest. Below, are some youtube channels you should really be […]

Glasses for visually impaired people, offer hope

Smart glasses developed at Oxford University for the registered blind are being trialled in public spaces for the first time. This is a  story of hope, and for me, one of excitement –  this is when technology goes from being a useful tool, to increasing people’s quality of life, possibly  ten fold. The glasses enhance images of nearby […]

How do I edit my own picture so it is formatted to the correct size to be used as a wallpaper on my iPhone 4?

I got this e-mail from a friend! How do I edit my own picture so it is formatted to the correct size to be used as a wallpaper  on my iPhone 4? I wanted to tell him to use Google, but instead I decided to write this quick blog post. Let’s see first what Apple has to say […]

iPhone 4s

They say ‘it’s whats on the inside that counts’. At least that’s what Apple would have you believe, and I suppose there not wrong. The iPhone 4s, will punch harder than the iPhone 4 but will physically look the same. As fanyboys shake off their disillusionment over lack of an iPhone 5, lets take stock […]

iPhone 5/4s event to take place October 4th. (CONFIRMED)

Apple have issued invitations to the media for an iPhone themed event – called “Let’s talk iPhone”. As reported by Jim Dalrymple of the Loop who snapped up a fancy invite. Although not specifically mentioning the iPhone 5/4s, it’s a widely expected Apple will announce it.  The event, as noted here previously, will be held […]

A voice interface that works; on the way with iPhone 5?

According to a report on the internet today, this year Apple will change the way we talk (or don’t talk – I mean who uses  Voice Control? – very few) to our iPhone. This new voice control feature of iOS will be called Assistant, and unlike most voice control devices today – it may actually […]