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    Spectre and Meltdown – The low down.

    All the major tech players including Google, Apple and Microsoft, have at this stage released updates for the security flaws that are present in computers, mobile devices and tablets. The vulnerabilities (Spectre and Meltdown) were reported by IT security researchers at Google, Graz University and Cyberus Technology. The bug in the hardware allows programs to steal data which is currently processed on the system. Typically software programs are not permitted to read data that belong to other processes, but a malicious program can exploit Spectre and Meltdown to get hold of valuable information such as passwords stored in a browser such as Internet Explorer and Chrome, emails and personal photos.…

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    The Luas Cross City becomes fully operational today

    It seems like forever ago that work on the Luas Cross City began. Coming in under budget and at a cost of 368 million euro, today it will become fully operational taking passengers from the north to the south. Connecting from Stephens Green and going over the Liffey. Operators of the Luas have warned that There will be 13 new stops with this extension of the Luas, with more than half of those in the city center. The entire journey is expected to take about 24 minutes. 🚊 The Luas Cross City service begins at 2pm tomorrow 🚊 — RTÉ News (@rtenews) December 8, 2017