Game of Thrones characters can drink their fill

I started watching and enjoying Game of Thrones when it first aired on TV and then abruptly stopped, deciding I would read all the books first. I’m not the fastest reader, it has to be said, it took me 6 months to finish them all. But, reading the books, I got to see, much closer, into all the characters thought-processes and it occurred to me, these characters sure do drink a lot.

Well, perhaps it reflects life, I mean Game of Thrones may be brutal and fantasy. But it can reflect modern society in many ways such as peoples quest for, power, desire, hate, the ups and downs, and through it all, there are flagons of Mead and Arbour Gold.

Tyrion Lannister, one of my favorite characters in the novels, loves to have a drink with breakfast, and then again… well lets just say…most of the day. But, he is a very intelligent character who thinks ahead and sees behind lies and deceit a lesson learned from his harsh life experiences. But is this why he drinks so much? What a million dollar question!

I suspect he is representative of today’s society and our often unhealthy relationship with alcohol. When we drink at home, be it one or two, do we consider this ‘drinking’? Or do we have to be with friends or at a pub for it to count as such. For Tyrion, it was his orange juice in the morning and his beverage of choice with  meals, and he was not alone, all the other characters were ‘social drinkers’. Did they need a vice, living in the world they do? Do we? Living in the different, yet comparable, world we live in. Yes, does it have to be beer or wine? No! But, we do need a vice, and NO I don’t mean drugs… sorry!

I will explore some alternative ‘vices’ or alternatives I used when my mind went to a cool beer, in later blog posts, so check those out when you can. And, I am not alone, by the way, in my Game of Thrones question! Watch this video, below, from seasons 1-4 of Game of Thrones characters having some wine.

“Ever watched Game of Thrones and thought sh*t they drink a lot of wine. Well here at The Movie Maniacs we’ve watched every episode and compiled a lovely little video that features every drinking shot from a main character and most of the background characters (I’m sure we missed at least a couple) from seasons 1 to 4. Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, which house drinks the most? Well I guess your just going to have to watch and find out!”


5 Best fitness channels to follow, for diet, form and inspiration on youtube

Many of these YouTube publishers have developed their successful channels because they have perfected and worked hard on their form and diet when lifting, and are willing to share.

For us mere mortals, it’s probably a good idea to seek some inspiration before a good workout… time to tell your brain, “I need focus, I need strength, I need to look good”. Along our travels, here are some of  the best we found, but, of course there are others, comment below and I will update this post.

Kali Muscle

With over 500,000 subscribers this guy is a hard act to follow. “I’m here to motivate and inspire those of you that want to be your best in fitness, bodybuilding, and of course life in general. Let’s live life to the fullest while looking incredible at the same time.”

Dominic Munnelly

Useful Irish based fitness inspiration, he just needs to learn to use landscape mode in his phone 😉

Scott Herman Fitness

SHF is dedicated to creating quality content that will get you the results you are looking for! No gimmicks here! Just hard work!

 The Lean Machines

I just started following these lads, there young but seem to know their stuff, with over 250,000 subscribers…



Serious business, here.


Hate Protein Shakes? – What to do?

If you find it hard to stomach protein shakes, and we don’t mean lactose intolerance here… we mean physically drinking  protein shakes with milk or water on the daily, we think we have found a simple and enjoyable way to get your protein into your system and actually enjoy the experience.

Of course, if you don’t hate protein shakes, don’t let us get in your way… Move along now…

Our solution?  Greek yoghurt with banana protein.

Three simple steps

1. Crack open a tub of protein, in the picture we have used ON Banana flavour, and take out a flat scoop.

2. Open a tub of low fat greek yoghurt and gently pour on the protein powder. This step needs a bit of prep work. ..You need to place some kitchen paper under the yogurt pot as the protein powder can go everywhere if you’re not careful.

3. It will take a while to stir it all together, but, in about five minutes it should be read to devour and enjoy.


8 things that could make Android Wear a must, for any fitness enthusiast

One caveat to this post, getting notifications is a nice feature, but who is the audience for these “wear” devices? Well, fitness enthusiastic people would be a pretty big audience i’d say, but so far watches like the LG watch and the Samsung Gear 2 rely completely on a connected mobile device.

Sometimes you need to cut the cord with the phone & make the wearable device worthy of being worn….

I think Android Wear is really missing the target here, but, they may be taking things slow, testing the market’s reaction… Let’s see what Apple has later in the year. I for one won’t be buying one of these until they are more than a notification center on a watch.

In terms of fitness what do these devices need?

  • Heart Rate Monitor – tracking for runners, that monitors heart rate at various times.
  • GPS without the need to bring your phone.
  • Spotify or equivalent apps for music control – without your phone.
  • A handy flash light, light is always useful!
  • Intelligent tracking – The ability to use your average running/walking pace and distance to detect how long an activity will take, taking into account, weather, incline and decline.
  • Training tools – which comes back to a prominent failure in android wear – 3rd party integration.
  • Bar-code reader for easy calorie counting.
  • Long life battery – goes without saying.

How to detox your body with water

Drinking enough water, as most  people already know is a good way to flush your liver and keep you healthy. Apparently, it helps flush away those toxins*,  and when you think about it humans are basically sacks of water about 60% of us is water! But water is boring, and if you like something with a bit of taste, and will keep you feeling refreshed try these  two water detox recipes.

*We are not crazy on the term detox, so call it a refreshing beverage if you prefer, anyway here are some suggestions.

Cucumber Lemon Mint Water

A couple of Mint Leaves, a few slices of Cucumber and, depending on how lemony you want it a few slices of Lemon. This is very hydrating as well as refreshing and is a drink you can keep in a jug in the fridge, you can top up the water as much as you like and it will still keep fresh. Refresh the whole drink after two days of use.

Morning Lemon Water (wake-up) drink

A morning ritual, this lemon water lets your digestive system recover from the night, and prepares it for the day. Add half a squeezed lemon to a glass of water each day. Cool boiled water is ideal with this too. This is a curious drink too… Because although lemons are acidic in nature they actually have an alkaline  effect in the body! This I find is great if you suffer from acid reflex.



How to easily clean a juicer?

Once you have had your first healthy fruit and vegetable juice, you will quickly realise you are left with an awful mess to clean up. While extracting juice has been perfected, these days most juicers will give you a tasty sludge free juice, however cleaning the machine has become an nightmare.

Here are a few tips, to clean your juicer in minutes, which will not put you off juicing. Using the juicer once and relegating it to the back of the closet, because you don’t want to have to clean it, while understandable is not forgivable!

Before you being juicing make a rule. “I cannot have my juice until I clean the machine”. Some say it’s best to drink it straight away, possibly true, it will just help you clean the juicer faster!

  1. Place a disposable plastic bag in the waste basket. One less thing to clean when you are finished, you can just throw the log in the waste bin.
  2. Wash every component  straight away after juicing under ice cold tap water – it should rinse clean. If you wait any length of time the pulp will stick into everything and make cleaning much more difficult.
  3. Use a gentle scrubber to clean the mesh strainer avoiding the blades, keep the cold water running to clean same.
  4. Let everything air dry and your done!

You can perfect this so it takes less than 5 minutes -just don’t cut the hands off yourself.


How do I save money on Protein Powder?

Protein Powder is an essential shake in most athletes diet. But, as you may have noticed that can be expensive. If you are finding this to be the case, an option to consider is one of these two websites (outlined below) which offer high quality (read the reviews) protein powders.

Part of the saving comes from the packaging, as these two websites (see below) pack their protein in resealable pouches.  Personally, I always have a small pouch for the gym bag and keep the larger one and home and refill when necessary.

Bulk Powders and My protein, they are both UK based sites, but they post to Ireland and have an Irish version of their website, they often have promotions on so keep an eye out too. If you are a first time customer to BulkPowders, you can also save 5 euro, by clicking here.

TIP:  These websites tend to only have a limited amount of reviews for each product on their Irish website, I find if you switch the URL to their english counterpart you will see way more reviews, remember to change back to the Irish version to see the prices in euro.

Bulk Powders discount code – Get 5 Euro off First Order on their new Irish site

Bulk Powders discount code - 5 Euro off First Order
Bulk Powders discount code – 5 Euro off First Order

Click here if you fancy 5 euro of your first order from  or use Referral Code: JR126449.

My experience: I bought their Strawberry flavoured protein shake from their “pure series” and it tastes really good, I compare this to banana flavoured ON protein, which to me tastes like ‘medicine’, if you mix with milk (which I don’t like to do) it’s ok. So that’s why I will be sticking to these guys for now.

Good  value  & quality with fast delivery too! If your wondering, they also included a scoop with their powders!