Apple Cider Vinegar – What’s the deal?

There are lots of myths available online regarding Apple Cider Vinegar. The hype that surrounds how useful it can be in everyday life has been somewhat exaggerated! We decided to have a very quick look at three of these claims regarding Apple Cider Vinegar – Is it all BS? Apple Cider Vinegar does have some […]

CBD Oil 101

This is a guest post By Terry Healy So, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD has exploded onto the market over the past year or so. It is becoming increasingly popular. The positive reviews that a simple Google search shows up are astonishing. It is now being used by children and adults for a variety […]

Ways to Challenge yourself in 2018 – A List

Looking to challenge yourself in 2018? One way to do this is to set a monthly goal. Think of something you always said you would get around to, but always found an excuse not to do it. Then do said task for a full month. We asked around the office, hoping to come up with […]

The 3-day gym split for beginners.

With it being January our fitness guru has put together some useful information if you are looking for a routine to get you started. So, is this routine suitable for me? This 3-day split is aimed at beginners, both male and female, those returning to the gym after an absence from training or looking to […]

Man Flu – There is real Science to back it

Oxford defines Man Flue “as a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms”. But according to a recent report by Kyle Sue, a clinical assistant professor in family medicine, there is a science to Man Flue. To assist in his report he looked at […]

Superfoods for Men

Superfoods, is a wonderful term! A food unlike any other, here to answer all your dietary requirements and solve all your ailments . Recently, Channel 4 (Ireland/UK) have launched a TV documentary centered around so called Superfoods. And I’ve learned something! Most foods are good for us – but at certain degrees, some have almost no benefits at all, others, […]

3 Astonishing Things That Happen When You Give up Alcohol

I have picked 3 astonishing things that happen when you give up alcohol. Why these three? Because, these are the three main benefits I found as a result reducing my alcohol intake. In my previous post I discussed 10 tips for reducing alcohol intake and right off the cusp of that post, I thought these 3 astonishing things […]