Celebrities and Entrepreneurs who quit Alcohol

Here are a few surprising celebrities and entrepreneurs, who you may not have known have quit or reduced their alcohol intake significantly. Bradley Cooper – Bradley Cooper who has been sober since he was 29 told GQ  “If I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life…The one thing that I’ve learned in life […]

Malaysian Holiday during Hari Raya (Ramadan) – quick trip update

Malaysia is a wonderful country to visit, and as I have good friends there, I have been there many times. I have been inspired by Matt Dan who went to visit Malaysia and never left, learning the language (in local dialect – so he sounds like a native) and embracing the culture. I won’t be […]

Strange Fruit

I remember our english playing this song to the class. I remember being so horrified, as I was living in a bubble of sorts at the time. When she explained it, and yes it needed to be explained at the time… it always stuck with me.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ZyuULy9zs  


Coming back from the US recently I overheard an American woman in front of me say “can I have the Quinoa please”.  Wondering what it was I googled it, and of course bought it. Quinoa – it’s not bad actually in terms of taste and has generated quite the buzz around it and apparently  it’s […]