Celebrities and Entrepreneurs who quit Alcohol

Cristiano Ronaldo

Here are a few surprising celebrities and entrepreneurs, who you may not have known have quit or reduced their alcohol intake significantly.

Bradley Cooper – Bradley Cooper who has been sober since he was 29 told GQ  “If I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life…The one thing that I’ve learned in life is the best thing I can do is embrace who I am and then do that to the fullest extent, and then, whatever happens, happens,” Cooper continued. “The more steps I do to not do that, the farther I am away from fulfilling any potential I would have.”

Cristiano Ronaldo –  Ronaldo does not drink alcohol because drinking it reminds him of the death of his father. Ronaldo would offer to ask him to go to rehab and address his alcohol addiction, but he always refused.

Singer and record producer Calvin Harris says he quit drinking after a series of incidents: “I gave up drinking because bad things happened. Things that you just think: ‘I really shouldn’t have done that.’ There have been lots of gigs when I’ve looked back and gone: ‘Oh, it was on television, a lot of people saw that, and I was totally inebriated.’ I’ve had the best year of my life not drinking, it’s been great.”

Larry Ellison, Co-founder and CEO of Oracle; No. 5 on Forbes’ list of The World’s Billionaires, says: “I can’t stand anything that clouds my mind. … I have no problem with people drinking; I have no problem with people smoking dope. If that’s what they want to do, God bless them, that’s their business. But I can’t do those things.”

Tyra Banks, Model and Media Mogul says: “I feel like I’ve been very lucky because I don’t really have an addictive personality. I had a little taste of alcohol when I was 12 years old, but that’s about it.”





Malaysian Holiday during Hari Raya (Ramadan) – quick trip update

Malaysia is a wonderful country to visit, and as I have good friends there, I have been there many times. I have been inspired by Matt Dan who went to visit Malaysia and never left, learning the language (in local dialect – so he sounds like a native) and embracing the culture.

I won’t be going that far, but I will try a little bit of each area on this visit.

As I was visiting during the time of fasting and just before Hari Raya, Kuala Lumpur (KL) was a buzz with activity. Our first stop was a market to buy my traditional Malay outfit, and have a night-time (breakfast meal). I was very tired after the trip, but excited to be there!

Kelantan Trip.jpg
Early Morning drive to Kelantan

The next day we drove to Kelantan –  a rural state in the northeast of Peninsular. It may be rural, but it was not quiet. What would normally take four hours to drive from KL took us 13 hours. The next day was Hari Raya, which I was invited to celebrate with my Malaysian friends. So I decided to check-in to my local hotel and get a good night’s sleep.

Locals don’t’ see too many ‘orang asing’ (foreigner) in this area so I had a few people staring at me, and they don’t mind staring too! Granted –  I was probably a sight – An Irish guy, in traditional Malay clothes, carrying a Malaysian child (my friend’s daughter – who stuck to me like glue for the entire visit). But I felt very welcome, and soon forgot how awkward I felt.

Saya nama John

The Malays have many wonderful traditions on Hari Raya, and one of them was to cook massive amounts of wonderful foods and desserts and invite all their friends and neighbours to dine with them. In fact, neighbours and guests got to eat first, in the house I visited. Some neighbours were not Muslim, but they too were invited in for a meal and a chat.

I’m glad I’ve been to Malaysia before because I had learned the basics and learned to respect and not forgot them. The first is always take off your shoes before entering a household, and sometimes even a local shop. The second is not to shake a woman’s(unrelated by blood) hand unless of course, she offers it first. I think this is also an Islamic custom.

The first time I visited Malaysia I was not aware of this last one. I shook a ladies hand, she accepted it but covered her own hand with her garment. Live and learn!

Being Irish, it’s very refreshing to see people having a great time with family and friends staying up late, and not a drop of alcohol was touched! It can be done, folks.

Sleeping Budda.jpg
Sleeping Buddha

Over the next few days, I was driven around in an envoy of three packed cars (families are massive in Malaysia) to see all the local sites. They even drove me three hours to see some Buddhist statues, despite the fact they did not want to see it themselves.

I really appreciated what these people were willing to do to keep me entertained but maintain their beliefs! They took me to see the ‘Sleeping Buddha’ temple in Kelantan which is a 40-metre statue of a sleeping Buddha, which is the longest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Malay Restaurant.jpg
Local Restaurant

The food in Malaysia is amazing, but I have to say I wish I was more adventurous with what I ate. Some foods and desserts look and taste amazing and are so inexpensive in comparison to Dublin, it makes you wonder what else are you missing out on in this world!

The next few days were a blur, but we drove across Malaysia and down the west coast, stopping at some very packed, but very scenic resorts along the way until we arrived back in Kuala Lumpur. There we spent two days shopping and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Next a trip to Penang Penang Island, where the capital city, George Town, is located.

Penang Hill johnmrryan.jpg
Penang Hill – View

We did not have long to explore Penang Island which was a shame, but the drive there across the longest bridge I have ever seen was an experience in itself.

On Penang Island, there seem to be much more Chinese people than Malay people, so I noticed in particular much more pubs and entertainment venues, as well as people wearing slightly less modest clothing! (not that I was looking or anything).

Anyway, If you visit Penang, make sure to visit Penang Hill, where you can get a train up the to the top of the hill for a breathtaking view!

Strange Fruit


I remember our english playing this song to the class. I remember being so horrified, as I was living in a bubble of sorts at the time. When she explained it, and yes it needed to be explained at the time… it always stuck with me..


Change TV source with a SKY remote

You may not know this!

But, you can change input source with your SKY remote control!

This means you don’t have to use another remote such as the TV remote, or the physical TV buttons to switch HDMI sources, giving you a more seamless experience. Here is how you do it:

Just a caveat –  This worked on a Samsung TV, it may not work on your TV!

  1. Using the Sky remote, press the ‘TV’ button.
  2. Next – Press the ‘Help’ button, which, under the ‘TV function’ of the SKY remote allows you to switch inputs!
  3. Once you have arrived at the correct input press the ‘OK’ button.
  4. Finally, press the ‘SKY’ button, to tell the remote, you now wish to control the SKY box once again and not the TV.

I hope this works for you, I found it very handy indeed!


quinoaComing back from the US recently I overheard an American woman in front of me say “can I have the Quinoa please”.  Wondering what it was I googled it, and of course bought it.

Quinoa – it’s not bad actually in terms of taste and has generated quite the buzz around it and apparently  it’s pronounced ‘keen-wah’.

 So what is Quinoa then?  It’s a pseudocereal…relax! I know, what’s a pseudocereal? Forget that. The’re seeds basically. However unlike rice, yes i am comparing this to rice, because I use rice almost every day and this is a perfect replacement for that meal once a week, Quinoa seems to contain more protein and according to this website, is pretty close to a perfect ingredient.

Quinoa is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and is a good course of fibre

Facts via myfitnesspal.com

So how do you cook this? Well you can do lots of things with this to make a nice meal, but I just wanted to replace rice, what I did was just cook this in the rice cooker and served it for my lunch with chicken and veg. Probably not the tastiest of meals in terms of flavour, but perfect for my lunch and pre gym meal. You can find this in Dunnes Stores, in the specialist and gluten free sections, it’s not exactly cheap either, but handy to have in the cupboard for when you fancy a change.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had this, and doing anything more exciting that cook this in the rice cooker.


Wil Wheaton stands up for nerds everywhere


Wil Wheaton is in my all time two favourite shows. Star Trek:TNG (staring)  and The Big Bang Theory (regular special guest) and as an adult he has fully embraced his inner-nerd. His answer to a girls question about being called a nerd, is something you should share with anyone who dislikes being called a nerd. Maybe they did not hear the phrase brainy is the new sexy.

Feckin whiskey



So I’m in Portland, Oregon at the moment, and I discover the bar sells a whiskey  called Feckin!
Had to try it of course. Not bad! … Feckin!

Panti’s Noble Call at the Abbey Theatre


Mrs Brown is a drag act… but this post has nothing to do with her.

If you have an issue with drag (God bless your innocent little soul), then try your best to see through it, and watch this message from Rory O’Neil, aka Panti – he has a powerful message, with over 301,000 hits on youtube and international media coverage.