C64 Commodore 64 iphone app – the return!

I must say I get very nostalgic from time to time. And thanks to the iPhone I can now go back to the wonderful days when I used to hook up a white keyboard to my television set. Yes the commodore 64 is back, iPhone style.

I am going to install this app a little later. As far as I can tell the app, which was originally rejected by apple’s approval process, allows for in app game purchases.

However it does come with some build in games, four to be exact! If you are interested, I know I am – Link here (iTunes link)

Key Features

Original Commodore 64 game graphics
– Original SID sound
– Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off
– Realistic joystick and beautifully crafted C64 keyboard
– Portrait and Landscape play
– Vertical and Fullscreen gaming (auto rotate for iPod users)
– and much more…


John Ryan

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