Buyer Beware! Buying an iPhone app? – Better read the reviews first

Read the reviews
Read the reviews

Looking through the top paid iPhone apps they other day I came across a serious realisation. iPhone users, have an unusual tendency to read an apps description or even title and then download the app to their iPhone, handing over some cash-  taking  the app at it’s word. This happens even if an application describes something which to be would not only be  impossible but in one particular app have illegal issues.

This  application, which shall remain nameless, but easy to locate in the Irish app store, promises that you can track all your friends around the world by tapping in their phone number, or something to that effect.

Of course some users realise this is not possible, and if it was would have some very serious  privacy repercussions indeed. The application in question is a joke, a gag to show a friend, and although I realised this was the case, you can see how others might understand this to be a serious application. It is not clear from the description that this is a joke.

The application above is not what is at question for this post, my point is pretty simple. Use all the resources available to you when paying for an application. First read the applications description, view the associated images, and finally read the reviews and look at the ratings. The application I mentioned in the example had numerous reviews  (see examples in picture) warning people not to buy it, and they want their money back! But this is obviously falling on deaf ears, as the application gets close to being number one paid application in the Irish app store.

Perhaps something should be in place for warnings to be placed on applications that are for humours use and serve no actual purpose!

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