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Walking through the Green in Dublin city on Monday morning, I was wondering where people get their ideas for writing their blog posts.

For me when I am trying to solve a problem with my wordpress blog, get some widget working, formatting a post, I go searching for the answer. For the genre I write in usually in my blogs, inspiration comes in the form of solving a problem! Because if you can answer a question, or even ask one, you have your inspiration for your post already.

There is nothing more satisfying than figuring out how something works! Sharing that information in your blog can be so helpful to others and also satisfy the human need to share information. I have often found a blog post that answered a simple question, while I was looking everywhere for the answer.

Of course blogging is not only about answering a question, it is about sharing ideas and views as well.

But solving a problem is always a good topic to write about, it always makes me more interested in writing blog posts.  I created this chart for myself as a guide for my blog topics I write in this manner.

Answer a question
Answer a question

For topics I write in this manner I find the following makes for a more interesting post, if you are trying to write about a question you answered, you solved a problem.

The question

  • You have a question that you need answered.
  • The question must be your question – Of course you can answer any question, but I find if you are passionate about solving the problem that passion is reflected in your post!
  • If you cannot solve the problem you can take your blog post in a different direction. You can ask your blog community to help, or try to solve yourself and blog the results.

The answer

  • You have researched the problem and solved it.
  • You have tested the results.

Creating the post

  • Write about your results.
  • If you found the solution great, if not still blog and share with your community promoting interaction within your blog.

Just one of my ways for writing a particular type of post, feel free to share yours! How do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

John Ryan

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