Betty White at 88

In case you think Betty White ain’t got it anymore, or indeed any 88 year old (yes 88). Then watch this. What love about this actress has to be her inflections. By the way this is a Super Bowl Commercial 2010.

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LMAO, I love it! Was that Abe Vigoda at the end? Anyway, I heart Betty White, she is just deliciously witty. Did you know she sent poor Rue McLanahan (who recently had a stroke) flowers with a note saying something along the lines of: “Die already…so I can be the last Golden Girl!” Gas lady. Oh, and if you haven’t already seen it, check out her SAG speech – very funny.

Yea I think it was! Nope did not know that, very funny, gawd yea there nearly all gone now is Rue McLanahan the one who played Rose?

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