Belkin flipblade stand for the iPad

FlipBlade for iPad

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Belkin FlipBlade stand for the iPad, which apparently will also work with other tablet devices including the iPad 2. The Belkin FlipBlade stand is the first one we have ever used, and for me the first one I have ever tried. And it is a very smooth operator indeed. Perfect for showing off your iPad slide show, or if you like to use your iPad upright.

When you first open the  Belkin FlipBlade and pull back the clasp, the thing slowly opens out to full form.  It works well as a display stand, but can I use my iPad, tapping away at the screen, without the iPad rocking back and forth? Yes, this stand holds on to the iPad very well indeed. There is a rubber seam which does a good job of preventing the iPad from moving about, but also does not grip the iPad so much that you can remove if necessary.

Using a stand with the iPad, is much better concept than I  initially thought, I never considered buying one, but once you have the iPad on the Belkin FlipBlade, you  an eye on can keep an eye on Twitter or other apps while working on a laptop. Or take cooking apps for example, having a stand becomes a necessity to keep the iPad at eye level.

The Belkin FlipBlade is an inexpensive stand that just works and looks pretty good too. The only downside might be that you may have to remove your cover, especially if you have a thick leather one – it might be a inconvenient process.

Many thanks to for sending us this device for stand for review. Check them out for iPad 2 Accessories

John Ryan

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