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I am not sure about you folks but I find it a little annoying when you follow someone on Twitter, and you get an obviously automatic direct message (which also hits your mail box). This morning alone I had three waiting for me. I am just getting into twitter, so maybe it is something you get used to?

Is it not a form of spam? OK maybe spam is a bit extreme. I signed up to follow Sky News, and this morning I got a thank you with a direct link to their website. It is not enough that I followed them on twitter? They also wish to push their site at me.

It’s just my morning rant, but direct messages should not be automated. Does this bother anyone else, or am I alone here?

John Ryan

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  1. John, I hear you! It’s so annoying. Usually it’s something like “Nice to meet you, check out my blog” or “Thanks for the follow… download this ebook”.

    I’ve started to unfollow those who do that.

    So no, you’re not alone.

  2. Be glad you are popular, strange there is no way to stop this. Imagine the inbox of those with a large following. Could you just mark twitter mail as spam in your inbox settings!

  3. Barry I think you are confused, it has nothing to do with being popular, it is when you decided to follow someone and you get an automated message.

  4. I was just about to add a automatic direct message to my Twitter account but thought of doing some googling to see what people think about it. Guess they don’t like it much.

  5. Personally I like getting welcome messages, although I hate it when people I’ve started following send me a DM plugging something that they want to sell. That’s my idea of spam, because it’s not what I signed up for.

    I’ve been sending DMs because I thought it was polite and friendly to welcome new followers, and a good idea to let them know their follow was appreciated and was now returned.

    After spending most of yesterday (seriously!) sending them, and as my message was pretty much the same in almost every case, I decided that I had to automate the task.

    After reading the above I’m not sure what to do. It goes against the grain to ignore someone who’s initiated contact, but I certainly don’t want to send unwanted mail to anyone.

    Are we maybe talking about different aspects of DM, and are genuine, non-selling, one-off welcome messages more likely to be received in the spirit that they’re sent?

  6. Aislinn – Interesting point, if you are sending messages thanking people for following you – I suppose that is a nice thing, automating the process, could be a little be of a problem. We will come to a point when everyone thinks this is a great idea…

    Already we are seeing people sending a ‘thank you’ message, which also tries to direct you to their website, product page.

    I don’t see why a nice personalised thank you message would lead to ‘unfollow’…

    At the end of the day it is a personal choice, some may be annoyed some make like a nice DM…?

  7. Sai, I can see where you are coming from but I am sure most people get annoyed if it is obvious the message is automated, and just delete the message without opening it in the mailbox…

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