Apple will hold iPhone 4 press conference on Friday

White iphone 4
White iPhone 4

Engadget are reporting that Apple will be holding a press conference on Friday possibly in relation to the  iPhone 4 antenna problem.

The iPhone 4 has been plagued with reports of bad signal issues, something which Apple claim to be a software issue. iOS4.1 is expected to be released soon, and is said to reduce the number of signal bars to a more accurate figure.

It almost seems like Apple are pushing the problem back to the networks in a round about way, but we could be wrong here, can it really be a software issue? Apple has it’s chance this Friday to set the record straight and get on top of internet rumours.

It will be very interesting to see how they will handle this press conference, Steve Jobs supposed (yet disputed) response of  “you are holding it the wrong way” is a little less than satisfying.


John Ryan

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