Apple takes a chunk of change from the $10 billion gaming industry

According to US website flurry the iPhone OS now dominates 5% of the gaming market, which in the US is valued at about 10 billion USD. This is pretty amazing when we remember we are taking about a device that primarily is not a gaming system. That not withstanding more that 30,000 games have been released via the app store on the iPhone.

US video games by revenue
US video games by revenue

This 5% is creating a small hole in handheld device gaming units like PSP and Nintendo, who will need to move quickly to react to this piece of news. The graph posted above makes for some interesting study which shows iPhone taking a bigger piece of the pie in 2009. And with the iPad on the way, interesting changes are going to happen in the gaming industry.

With a larger screen and powerful processing tools, the iPad is bound to build on this with big names in gaming such as Gameloft already have there games ready for launch in the US.

In Ireland a number of games  appear popular in the app store, with the likes of classics such as Sonic the hedgehog (€4.99) , and Street fighter (€7.99) and newer games like Trisim (€2.99) and The Sims 3  getting great reviews!

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